I Say to Myself

I look in the mirror.
I watch my shadow.
People will say I’m crazy,
because I talk to the mirror.

We can’t choose.
We have no power.
We have to take a road full of thorns,
sharp shrubs.
I say to the mirror.

It’s up to you if you won’t join.
But you and me are one.
We will not be separated.

I never chose it.
But I want happiness!
I want freedom!
I want hope, dream.

we find happiness.
No matter we will take a difficult road,
full of evil.
Because finally we will find
what we want.

I promise,
will find the tip of our rainbow.
Find our happiness.
Realizing our dreams.

Promise me,
will stay together until the end.
Don’t falter.
Remember our purpose.

Because the sweetest success is,
achieve something,
which other people say is impossible.

We will have tears in our eyes.
We will muddy despair.

But finally,
we find happiness
not contrived.
We find hope and dreams.


Published by Eldhiya Ghaits

a nerd who has a dream

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