Family is my life.
Family is my origin.
Family is where I am happy.

Family is the roof.
Family is sun.
Family is home.

They laugh, I laugh.
They cry, I cry.
They bleed, I bleed.

I’m just a leaf without them.
I’m just a grain of salt without them.
I am nothing,
without them.

They are half my soul.
They are because I live.

Maybe, without them,
I won’t be there.

Love you all, so much!

Published by Eldhiya Ghaits

a nerd who has a dream

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  1. You’re right! Family is the only unit that accepts us for who and what we are. Friends and other relatives may leave us, but family will always be there for us through thick and thin.
    Thank you for this inspiring poem.
    The Catalyst

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  2. Family should make you feel safe and secure. Friends also can become family,. A key statement and scripture that I love to go by is “Treat other how you want to be treated”. That goes for family and relationships in general. Thank you


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