Criticism for Better (Not Poetry: D)

Hello, dear loyal readers!

The eldhiyaaghaits site has been active for a few months (forgive me for not posting regularly ). Initially this was just my fruity and my despair. For two months my followers were only 3!

Glad to be immeasurable to find my followers growing drastically. The number of my followers is nothing compared to other Bloggers. But no matter how many, I really appreciate those who faithfully follow me and know that I love you very much.

My site is nothing without you. I thank you for spending thousands of times from this equatorial country.

There is no ivory that is not cracked. For that, my readers are dear, I need a lot of advice. I will spend millions thanks for a suggestion, because with that, my site can be even better.

You can send suggestions in the comments field, or send an email via

I will appreciate it very much.

Criticism for the better!
Thank you very much.
Hope is the best for you,

Published by Eldhiya Ghaits

a nerd who has a dream

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  1. Sólo sigue adelante, lo haces bien y seguramente tendrás más seguidores, pero recuerda… Quid pro Quo. Siempre será mejor pocos y fieles, que muchos no tanto. Un gran abrazo

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