The Journey Starts From Here

Hi, Bloggers.

After all this time my writing only became a useless pile on my laptop, I got a suggestion to make the garbage mean. I started from here. I don’t expect much, I don’t care about the number of my followers (though a little hope). I wrote so that the happiness in me was awake. I also hope that my spirit of writing will continue to flare up.

I hope you like it!


((Hope somebody visits my blog))


Published by Eldhiya Ghaits

a nerd who has a dream

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  1. Hi. I greet you from Venezuela. It seems good that you look for how to give free rein to your feelings. Bringing them to light helps you feel good. Good luck in your blog. Only you will make it bigger.

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    1. Many thank you. But i am sorry, i haven’t more time to answer your question. Sorry, hundreds of sorry. πŸ™
      *because is it a Ramadan months and many of my schedule is change. Sorry..

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