The Journey Starts From Here

Hi, Bloggers.

After all this time my writing only became a useless pile on my laptop, I got a suggestion to make the garbage mean. I started from here. I don’t expect much, I don’t care about the number of my followers (though a little hope). I wrote so that the happiness in me was awake. I also hope that my spirit of writing will continue to flare up.

I hope you like it!


((Hope somebody visits my blog))



Home Sweet Home

A building,
with a soft base,
sturdy pole,
towering roof.

We might consider it not something special.
We only think of it as a shelter.

Realize it
that a house is not just a shelter.

Home is where half our hearts are left behind.
Home is the storehouse of our story.
The house is a silent witness for half of our lives.

Home is where we return,
as far as we go back.

Home is where our hearts are bound,
home is the most special place
between our hearts.

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