The Journey Starts From Here

Hi, Bloggers.

After all this time my writing only became a useless pile on my laptop, I got a suggestion to make the garbage mean. I started from here. I don’t expect much, I don’t care about the number of my followers (though a little hope). I wrote so that the happiness in me was awake. I also hope that my spirit of writing will continue to flare up.

I hope you like it!


((Hope somebody visits my blog))


Apology For Three Years

The meeting was beautiful
The meeting was a miracle.
But the meeting is also painful,
because when we meet,
we also know,
that we will separate.

Oh! Will I let my blog become junk?
Wasting a golden opportunity and letting my followers.

Will never.
I will lift you all with words.

But for now,
my schedule for the next three years changed.
Solid is immeasurable.

So I begged my readers,
to allow me to just write
once a month.

I will only write one day a month. Which means 36 times in three years.

But I promise,
will continue to love you.
Remember you.

And in time,
I’ll make you sleep
in the arms of my words.

I Say to Myself

I look in the mirror.
I watch my shadow.
People will say I’m crazy,
because I talk to the mirror.

We can’t choose.
We have no power.
We have to take a road full of thorns,
sharp shrubs.
I say to the mirror.

It’s up to you if you won’t join.
But you and me are one.
We will not be separated.

I never chose it.
But I want happiness!
I want freedom!
I want hope, dream.

we find happiness.
No matter we will take a difficult road,
full of evil.
Because finally we will find
what we want.

I promise,
will find the tip of our rainbow.
Find our happiness.
Realizing our dreams.

Promise me,
will stay together until the end.
Don’t falter.
Remember our purpose.

Because the sweetest success is,
achieve something,
which other people say is impossible.

We will have tears in our eyes.
We will muddy despair.

But finally,
we find happiness
not contrived.
We find hope and dreams.



Family is my life.
Family is my origin.
Family is where I am happy.

Family is the roof.
Family is sun.
Family is home.

They laugh, I laugh.
They cry, I cry.
They bleed, I bleed.

I’m just a leaf without them.
I’m just a grain of salt without them.
I am nothing,
without them.

They are half my soul.
They are because I live.

Maybe, without them,
I won’t be there.

Love you all, so much!

Criticism for Better (Not Poetry: D)

Hello, dear loyal readers!

The eldhiyaaghaits site has been active for a few months (forgive me for not posting regularly ). Initially this was just my fruity and my despair. For two months my followers were only 3!

Glad to be immeasurable to find my followers growing drastically. The number of my followers is nothing compared to other Bloggers. But no matter how many, I really appreciate those who faithfully follow me and know that I love you very much.

My site is nothing without you. I thank you for spending thousands of times from this equatorial country.

There is no ivory that is not cracked. For that, my readers are dear, I need a lot of advice. I will spend millions thanks for a suggestion, because with that, my site can be even better.

You can send suggestions in the comments field, or send an email via eldhiyaghaits@gmail.com

I will appreciate it very much.

Criticism for the better!
Thank you very much.
Hope is the best for you,

The Tip of the Rainbow


What makes you somber?
What makes you sad?
Don’t be a gray cloud
which covers the sun.

The rain is still falling,
but I don’t want your heart to rain.

The world is waiting for you.
The world is waiting for your smile.

The sun has risen.
Bring a new spirit.
Bringing new joy.

He brought a present for you!

He brings a rainbow.
See the colors.
Watch the cheerful arch!

He has the tip.
Find the tip,
get the gold,
and I hope to bring happiness to you.

For my sister,
forgive a late birthday present.
I love you even though you don’t know …

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