The Journey Starts From Here

Hi, Bloggers.

After all this time my writing only became a useless pile on my laptop, I got a suggestion to make the garbage mean. I started from here. I don’t expect much, I don’t care about the number of my followers (though a little hope). I wrote so that the happiness in me was awake. I also hope that my spirit of writing will continue to flare up.

I hope you like it!


((Hope somebody visits my blog))



The Sea

The splash touched the beach.

The foam bubbled


The waves curled admirably.

The end is the line

where the sea meets the sky

The water is clear, not measurable.


Countless beautiful.


even though it’s not as deep as a mortal being.

Dive deep into it,

you will feel darkness



You will meet magical beings

Keep diving,

find His majesty,

Discover His Miracle,

Find His Favors,

And find

His greatness.

18.17, For who created an ocean

My Promise

Today’s sky is blue,

there isn’t a pinch of gray clouds.

No rain.

Only a few clouds covered the blue.

the river is full of rocks,

uncountable flowing,

flow of happiness,


Getting wind blowing a hair child,

coconut tree waving calling.

The mountain soars

rice fields like green rugs,

made by God himself

This is me. This is my country.

I swear,

I won my dream.

then I’ll go home.


son of land, water and fire,

will go home,

make your name fragrant.

I’ll dedicate myself to you.

that’s my oath.

My biggest promise in my live.

Between The Stars

Glitter of light

in an infinite stretch of black.

covered in a pinch of thin clouds,

looks small in the eyes of mortal beings.

Scattered millions in infinite thick rugs,

Call their souls,

call their imagination,


I see the souls of the mortals floating between the stars,

my wildest imagination.

Between my imaginations,

19.11 Indonesian Time Zone.


Springs, Sky, Clouds

I saw clouds running in the sky this morning. Beautiful.

Today’s sky is truly blue, as blue as an ocean,

makes me reflect.

Clouds can be flown, driven by the wind.

While the sky is still strong, blue, even if it’s covered.

I remembered Mama’s advice.

“Be a spring.

Good springs will bring goodness to the life around them.

Are cloudy springs,

will bring death in your surroundings.

Be the sky, not like a cloud.

The sky is always blue, white clouds always try to cover the blue.

he was jealous of the sky.

but the sky never changes

always blue.”

Well, good morning all.


In Indonesia, (the Tasikmalaya area), heavy rain falls every afternoon. Like today.

I always like rain.

The rain reminded me that every darkness must have an end, whether happy or sad.

I peeked at the rain through the balcony. I turned my head down.

Many people shelter. I hurried downstairs carrying snacks. They are happy. They smile.

Happy has a different definition for everyone, different from every situation. like today, those who shelter under my house smile (whether happy or not) because they get warm food and drinks from me.

Now, I’m just waiting for the rainbow. But I don’t think there will be any. It’s getting darker.

At 16:20, Tasikmalaya.

Heavy rain.

Someone who is always waiting for the rainbow,